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a.k.a., “A Bridge in every Fridge”

a.k.a., “Bridges 4 Fridges” a.k.a., “Features for Freezers” a.k.a., “Dome-unity Project” a.k.a., “Community Dome-nation” a.k.a., “Jibbing Back to the Community” a.k.a., “Home Dome ConJIBution”


Feature Launch Dates/Locations:

Snozone Milton Keynes 29th of October, 2015

Snozone Castleford 30th of October, 2015


SFC Castleford has had past success donating a rail that served the community and built long-term relationships. They’ve since realized the void of “Intermediate-level” features, and thought they’d scale their project up a notch. The future goal is to help serve every snowdome where an SFC presence exists (through whichever form of service best assists that snowdome community).

How much to raise?

Rail fabrication labor is provided as volunteer hours from Ed Dale.

Rail fabrication labor will is being provided by Ed Dale.

Total Rail Expense: £1300 for all 4 rails (approx $2000 USD for friends donating Stateside)

Traveling Demo Team – Josh, Stefan, Benji & Jonny

Team Cost: $3200 for flights


Past Feature & New Proposed Features:

sfc-uk railMKFFEvent

CASFFEvent sfc-uk rail 1
sfc-uk rail 2

 Whitelines Rail Build Oct 2012-13