The Terrific Ten Tools For SFC

These tools are created to be used by the leaders of acting SFC Chapters


(4) Interweb-ACCESSIBLE Tools:

1. THE  TRAILMAP “The Nearly-Exhaustive SFC Leader’s Handbook”

This document explains all there is to know about SFC as well as lots of things you didn’t need to know. View it in the public Google doc or download it in a .pdf format (for “search-ability”) on the site’s Forms page.


Our  MOBILE-FRIENDLY website gives our leaders their own spot on the site for their country’s info. It also plays host to a plethora of other goodies available for those internet-surfing vagabonds who stumble upon our site asking questions like,  “Are there REALLY snowboarders and skiers who love Jesus in this crazy messed up world we live in?”


The WWW is a simple, SFC Values-based WEEKLY DEVOTION that will drop on the front page of our mobile-friendly website every Thursday promptly at 12:01am GMT.


Like any library, this resource will grow with time as more specific video content becomes available. It currently consists of the (6) SFC shred videos (which are available for full-length streaming on our VIMEO page and (3) Promo videos: “Welcome to SFC,” “Dear Church” and “SFC VALUES at Work” also available on our VIMEO page.



(4) Get your actual hands on-ACCESSIBLE Tools:


These mini, shred-pocket-sized Gospels of John with a customized SFC challenge sticker on the cover are not meant for mass distribution “tract-style” outreach, but rather for that relational “it’s-time-to-talk-with-that-friend-you’ve-been-making-on-the-hill-all-winter” style evangelism. Contact the SFC Office WHEN you run out and need more.

6. FUNdraising TOOLS

a.) Leaders have the option to buy the stylish, new merchandise at dirt-cheap prices from SFC International and then resell them to pay for meals/outreaches/overhead. Contact to secure your place in the next order.

b.) JSAW Alliance’s Chapter grants. Apply for grants to support your chapter. It doesn’t get any cooler than easy money to do shred ministry.


Current available books (free for any interested leader who knows how to read):

“First Steps as a Follower of Christ” (read reviews at Amazon) and “Which Way is the Ocean: Sharing Jesus with a Skeptical Culture” by Mike Barnes


SFC (through partnership with JSAW) now has access to a part-time graphic designer, so if you need a flyer made for an event or are sick and tired of creating logos in PaintShop, hit us up and we’ll get you hooked up with flashy images.

If you would like to do your own graphic design or just want to throw up the logos on your Facebook page then you can download them here: Logo Zip



(3) Additional “tools” in the “resource” sense: 


Aimed at encouraging and equipping and inspiring leaders, this bi-annual (every other year) pep-rally-style event is always super encouraging and energizing. Look forward to May 2015 when SFC leaders from all over the globe will meet again at the XScape SNOZONE snowdome in Castleford, England.

10. REGIONAL Conferences/Visits/Events

As the international organization grows larger, we continue to partner with chapters all over the world to run camps, national conferences, etc. If you’re interested, contact us and ask about how we can partner with your event!