We’re All Kooks

Matthew 18:21-35

Have you ever been riding through the park and seen someone do a trick that looked totally uncool and lacked style? Have you ever made fun of someone for that? If you’re like me, chances are you have at one point or another. After making fun of someone for lacking style, have you ever gotten home and watched some footage that your friends took of you only to realize you too looked crazy and lacked style? After watching your footage you instantly feel bummed. You realize that you should have been watching yourself instead because you also lacked style, probably even more than that kid.

The story in Matthew is kind of similar. The first servant owed a crazy amount of money and was forgiven his debt. When he later saw a fellow servant that owed him money, he forgot what had been done for him and he had the fellow servant thrown in prison. You see the first servant was so focused on what was owed to him that he forgot he was forgiven what he owed. Both stories relate in that they both were looking at the mistakes or shortcomings of others rather than their own. We need to look at our lives and allow God to show us the areas that we need forgiveness. We need to remember that when we look at others. No one is perfect. We all fall short and need forgiveness and that means that no one is above forgiving others. So let’s not be the one laughing at others in the park but instead encouraging because we know that we lack style sometimes too.



What areas in your life is God wanting you to seek forgiveness?
Is there someone that you have been neglecting to forgive? If so would you be willing to praying for you heart to be softened to forgive?


By Shauna Breglio | Scarborough, Maine

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