We Are The Church

At SFC, we’re working to build a global culture of our six B.R.I.D.G.E. Values. This story from our SFC UK Director in Leeds, United Kingdom, Andy Brumby, demonstrates the Value of Identity.

We Are The Church

So, there’s this pretty reserved guy named Danny. We had been riding with Danny at our weekly SFC shred events for about six months. He was a regular. He was quiet at first, but began to open up to us about his faith after a few months. Danny told us that he was struggling in his walk with Jesus and had stopped attending church. Eventually, Danny joined us on one of our winter trips where we take a crew of guys and girls (of all different levels of faith and/or non-faith). Even though Danny did NOT want to attend church, he was happy to come along on a shred trip with some snowboarders and skiers who may or may not be Christians. SFC was Danny’s last connection to Christ after leaving the local church, and after spending quality time with Danny for that week away, our SFC leaders were able to come alongside him and help nurture his faith. They also managed to reconnect him with a local church.

Over the next 12 months, we saw a very real outward display of God’s transforming power in Danny as he became more confident and outgoing in living out his faith. The part of the story that rings true with our SFC leaders all over the world is that Danny was not interested in “church attendance.” He was interested in “shred attendance,” and specifically in shred attendance alongside people who were genuine and who cared for him. What he didn’t realize was that WE ARE THE CHURCH. He was coming to snowboard with us, but he was hanging with US – THE CHURCH ITSELF! Our shared IDENTITY is in the family of God, NOT in skiing and snowboarding. And by investing into people like Danny, we use our passion for the snow as a tool to keep making disciples and building the Kingdom of God.


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