Upcoming conferences around the world

SFC’s North American Conference is quickly approaching in Minneapolis, MN. About the same time missionaries will be meeting from across Europe, and Canada, to take steps towards collaboration in resources to SHARE THE GOOD NEWS in ski towns across their countries. Folks, these meetings are not just fun time to goof off together and see some old friends (while some of that does happen) these gatherings are a vital life-line, and a time to get equipped to go home and Be the Light of Jesus in dozens of ski towns across America. This season we’ve got a HUGE VISION that God might use these events to continue to grow His family in the ski and snowboard community in a big way.

At the SFC International HQ we work hard to make every dollar God entrusts us with to spend like two and stretch each gift. It is going to take $60,000 see around a dozen of these critical gatherings come together. Would you join the movement and help us BE THE LIGHT OF JESUS to the ski/snowboard culture this season.

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