Unite the Clans

SFC Slovenia Coordinator Hondo Wynn shared his thoughts on the upcoming SFC International Conference to MOTIVATE and ENCOURAGE everyone to do everything they can to SHOW UP and UNITE THE CLANS:

“Mel Gibson in Braveheart makes this dramatic plea to the fractured Scottish nobles to unite! Because if they unite then they win. The same goes for us as Believers living within the shred culture. Rather than be about our own territory and people, we need to unite. Paul calls us a third group. We are no longer Jews or Gentiles but in one body under one Head, united by one Spirit for one mission. God has called us to be the children of Light in a trans-national culture of riders. A culture that is looking for the ultimate ride. We get to point them beyond the next hit, rail or chute to the Maker and Sustainer of it all. LET’S GET TOGETHER AND UNITE THE CLANS!”

Join us at the SFC International Conference to unite the clans!

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