Trust: Full Send pt 2

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever” (Hebrews 13:8)

In life, we trust so many things! If you are NOT familiar with the jumps at a resort you probably will watch a local who has hit them before so you can see how they throw you. After doing a couple of warm-up laps you build up some trust that the park crew has done their job to keep you as safe as they can. If the jumps are made sketchy you probably aren’t going to go full send on them purely because you don’t trust how they are built. But, we trust things we ARE familiar with very easily. You sat on the chair you are sitting on without giving it a second thought.

The thing with action sports is that trust involves so many different factors that we as humans could judge wrong. Where the Christian life you trust a God who has never changed and never will change. Choosing to follow Jesus is one of the most intense decisions that you will ever make. It is a much bigger decision than when you decided to try your first 360 or backflip. 

The thing about the Christian life is that God doesn’t call us to trust Him a little, He asks us to trust Him with ALL of our heart. Every relationship requires trust. It’s easy to trust a chair because it is something that never changes. Sure they can look different sometimes but they always support our weight when we need rest. And, when you sat down, you probably didn’t spend 5 minutes checking the structural support and design of your chair, you just sat down. You trusted your full self into something without giving it a second thought.

The more we familiarize ourselves with Christ, the easier it will be to trust Him. Pray, read the bible, trust him with the little things. As you grow in familiarity, you will grow in trust. Think of your best friend and how much you trust them and how that trust keeps on growing because you are giving more of yourself over to them! Just like in any relationship if we just stay in one place and don’t try and get to know the other person more, the relationship will turn old fast.

I challenge you to trust in Jesus as you trust sitting on a chair. Work to grow in familiarity with Him. Welcome Him into every day of your life and enjoy transferring the weight of your burdens onto Him without a second thought.


Why is it hard to trust something you are not familiar with?
What are real ways you can grow in familiarity with Christ? 
What do you feel called to trust Jesus with today? 

By Michael Dyck | Capernwray, New Zealand

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