Talking Politics

John 6:32-36

Jesus said to them, “Very truly I tell you, it is not Moses who has given you the bread from heaven, but it is my Father who gives you the true bread from heaven. For the bread of God is the bread that comes down from heaven and gives life to the world.”

“Sir,” they said, “always give us this bread.”

Then Jesus declared, “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty. But as I told you, you have seen me and still you do not believe.”

What a huge debate. Who is going to be our next president? Who is going to save this country from falling apart? It is an interesting thing to look at the life of Jesus and how he dealt with politics. When Jesus was asked about paying taxes (Matthew 22:15-22), which is a government issue, he says, “So give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s.”

When the Jews asked for a king, God told them they didn’t need one, but they insisted (1 Samuel 8:5-22). When Jesus walked this earth, the Jews wanted to make him an earthly king (John 6:14 & 15, 6:24-26). Yet, Jesus was a humble serving carpenter who went around helping people, especially the needy, instead.

I think it is safe to say that Jesus avoided politics, but he did point us in a direction that really mattered. So are our eyes on our politicians to save us or on Jesus? We know this world is going to fall apart, but it already has so many times. We can see this country falling into a vicious cycle that so many countries and great nations have fallen into before us. There is only one thing that can save us, and that is repentance of sin and putting God first. It will be God who destroys this world and it will be Jesus who gives us eternal life in heaven, a real kingdom worth putting our hope in!


What was Israel looking for in a Messiah?

What did they find?

Who is your king or should I say president?


By Andy Finch | Truckee, California

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