Sharing the Love of Jesus through pasta!

It’s great to see God bringing unity to communities and through that unity brings a powerful message of Jesus Christ where he can be introduced to many! Check out this personal story from our SFC Leader Amanda Raccah in Revelstoke, BC:


Last year I had the opportunity to serve in NZ in Queenstown helping start up a new YWAM (youth with a mission) base. I was also involved with the SFC QT crew while I was there. Little did I know that I would bring an idea back to Revelstoke (B.C. Canada) from that trip that would change and impact this mountain town I live in.

While I had been in QT I was able to participate and serve at a local outreach that has been going on in QT for about 15 years called the Pasta Cafe, they basically serve a free hot meal of pasta/salad/bun/drink and dessert to anyone and everyone for 6 Friday nights of the winter.

Back in Canada I was asked to share about my trip and suddenly somehow found myself running a city wide pasta outreach, where we put on a free meal-no strings attached, weekly free plate of pasta/salad/desert for about 120ppl/week for 10 weeks this past winter.¬†It was insane, I have never dreamed of being the boss of so many volunteers, let alone the contact person to run it!!!! BUT…it was such a God thing, the whole community came together to put this on, donations from our local grocery story and other cafes in town, all of the churches working together (seriously WHEN do you see different denominations work together for one cause all for the glory of God?!)

I’m sharing this because, not only did it impact my church community, but it impacted so many shred kids. Getting a free no strings attached meal once a week in the winter when money is tight, and food is lacking is a great thing, what’s also great is it was a HUGE platform for people in the churches to share their faith while sharing a meal at a table. It not only brought the churches in town together but it also brought different people to a table to break bread, it tore down walls between “locals” who hate on shred kids that come to town and it was SUCH a GOD THING to see people from all walks of life eating together and it was AWESOME to be able to share our faith and our simple reason of God’s LOVE through a meal.

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