Serious Fun 4 Free!

The fourth installment of the “sorta cool” Serous Fun Video Magazine series, has just been released online for free. Check it out on vimeo HERE. Presented by the Austrialian Christian Channel and SFC International, the film takes the sincere, hard hitting journalistic approach to the snowboad and ski industry that we’ve all grown accustomed to in previous releases by this group. Featuring articles, “Girls Pushing Girls,” “Benji Farrow’s Half Pipe Dream,” (Benji competed in this weeks Red Bull, Double Half Pipe contest), “Josh Stock’s School of American Gansta,” and many others, this film promises to disappoint only mildly.

All kidding aside, the film features a group of guys and gals that know how to have a fun time together without all of the downsides (drinking, drugs, sex, etc.) to our culture. The closing section of the film is a testimony by former pro snowboarder and Olympic athlete, Andy Finch, sharing how Jesus has made an impact in his life. It’s a fun film that we think you’ll enjoy whether you’ve seen every snowboard video released this year, or never seen a single ski film in your life. The run time on the film is just over 30 minutes. Give it a watch, and if you enjoy it (or hate it), share it with a friend!

View on Vimeo here:

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