Right place, right table

The Parable of the Good Samaritan – Luke 10:25-37

I walked into a weekly men’s breakfast meeting, and in the midst of a bunch of gray-hairs, two shredder-types were sitting all alone as the older men socialized. As I looked at the “loner table”, God sort of nudged me, “That’s your table!” I found out it was the young shredders’ first time at the breakfast, and they had come for a free meal (invited by a guy who met them at a free community dinner the night before).

After we exchanged pleasantries, it was obvious that God was doing something here and that their presence here and my meeting them was NOT just a coincidence. The speaker talked about the difference between trials and temptations. It turned out it was a perfect message for them to hear. These two guys had both been through a lot in the last few weeks – both were homeless and both were trying to just hang on.

Casey wanted to talk some more after the speaker was finished. He had been clean for only seven days, and he told me about his time in detox the week before. The church had put him up in a motel room, and he was trying to figure out what was next in this new, yet bumpy, life of being substance-free, of starting over again. I responded to his comments that God was working on him, trying to determine what he meant by that. I asked him if he would like to experience a deeper relationship with God. “Definitely!” was his response.

In the next few minutes I shared about what Jesus had done for him by going to the cross for his sins. We talked about complete forgiveness and how he could start this new journey with the best friend he could ever have. I simply asked if he wanted to talk to God about this through prayer. We closed our eyes, and I helped him get started as he poured out his heart to his Father in Heaven. I think I could hear the angels rejoicing as this new believer in Christ softly finished with “Amen”.

Casey has a long road ahead of him. There’s no doubt about that. But being “yoked” with Jesus who invites us to allow Him to lighten our burden is the best way to start the journey.

God has been teaching me that when an obvious opportunity presents itself (like choosing to sit with a couple of out-of-place shred-kids) that I had better take it, because I just never know what God has in mind. He directed me. He guided Casey. He was ready to hear that heartfelt confession. He welcomed Casey into His family. He allowed me to be part of it. His timing is awesome!


What are the typical situations you find yourself in when you hear the prompting of the Lord, but have trouble responding?

How do we respond to the line-snakers in the lift line?

When we see someone crashed on the side of the run, do we stop and help or do we cruise on by? A car broke down in the resort parking lot? The uncool table at lunch?


By Joshua Stock | Copper, Colorado

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