Quick Euro Trip Update

As most of you know, we’ve been investing more time, effort and resources into what God has been doing in and through SFC and our partner ministries in Europe. Myself (Josh), my beautiful wife Val and amazing daughter Cambria just got back from Europe. Over the course of six weeks, we drove a rental car close to 7,000 kilometers, coached and snowboarded with 150+ kids/adults/SFC leaders at 9 ski hills in 6 different countries, prayed with, shared the Good News about Jesus with, lead Bible studies for, shared our testimonies with, spent time encouraging (and being unintentionally encouraged back by), sang with, listened to, and laughed with COUNTLESS HUMANS at camps, trade shows, competitions, get-togethers, chapter kickoffs, community meals, premieres, bible school classes and chance encounters.

We have learned a ton about the European shred culture, the leaders we’re working alongside (who follow Jesus and serve their communities like crazy), and we have some great ideas and plans moving forward together. We will be back in May for the SFC International Conference in Austria (May 19-24 on the Dachstein Glacier), and we can’t wait to round up our friends and celebrate/worship/pray together again! Stay tuned for a more extensive update and stories from the road next month.

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