Love the Pass

At SFC, we’re working to build a global culture of our six B.R.I.D.G.E. Values. This story from our SFC Summit leaders in Dillon, CO, Cory and Tina Holton, demonstrates the Value of Doing.

Love the Pass

On April 1, 2017, SFC Summit partnered with SFC Vail and SFC Denver to put on a “Love The Pass Day” at Loveland Pass in Summit County, Colorado. Loveland Pass is a popular backcountry area for snowboarding and skiing. At the pass, skiers and riders start near the top of the pass and then hitch a ride back up once they get to the bottom. We met at the bottom of the most popular run and set up a grill, fire pit, and seating. We had donuts and coffee in the morning and grilled hot dogs and passed out water bottles in the afternoon for anyone who was at the pass that day. We also used the SFC van to shuttle people and their gear back to the top of the pass. All of this was provided for free to those on the mountain. A lot of people asked how much the food or shuttle cost. When they found out it was free, they would ask why we were doing this. Their questions opened the door to talk to them about SFC, Jesus, and why we want to serve others. We ended the day handing out over 100 hot dogs, going through 2 cases of bottled water, and being able to talk to a lot of people about Jesus.

Our “Love The Pass Day” on Loveland Pass is an example of the SFC core value of “doing.” We define this value as,  “We selflessly demonstrate our love for Jesus by putting others ahead of ourselves through serving one another, the local communities we live in, and the entire snow riding culture.” Through giving away free food and drink and providing shuttle rides to those who ride the backcountry in our community, we were able to serve them and show them the love of Jesus through our actions. It is through events like this that we are able to serve others, tell them about Jesus, and be the light of Jesus in the snow riding culture.


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