Holding it All Together

Hebrews 1:3 (NASB) “And He . . . upholds all things by the word of His power.”

Competitions can be difficult at times. There is so much pressure to ride at the peak of your ability. There is so anticipation and nervousness. You do all that you can to get ready for the big day. You practice certain tricks over and over again to get everything as perfect as possible. Yet even after you have done all that you can, there are still certain variables that are out of your control.

I remember one contest I had been practicing months for ended up getting hit by a big storm. In the hours before my run, I stood surrounded by a cloud that couldn’t decide whether it wanted to snow or rain, so it did both . . . for a long time. By the time my run came, I couldn’t even see the first rail from the drop in. Needless to say, that contest didn’t go well.

Truthfully, we never have complete control of any situation, any set of circumstances, or any outcome. There are always a number of variables that can change any moment in any way. The same cannot be said of Savior. The Lord, when left in complete control, orders and keeps everything in perfect and complete harmony. There is not a single thing that can overcome, outwit, or overturn the hand of God.  We can have complete confidence and rest in total assurance knowing that the God who upholds all things by the word of His power is the same God who is at work in our lives. It should be our goal to learn how to trust Him more and more with our lives because He is able. You will never be disappointed when you turn your life over to the only One who needs no assistance in holding the universe together.


1) Why is it our natural tendency to seek to order and control our own lives?
2) Why do we, at times, not want to turn our lives over to God and learn to trust Him to order and keep them?
3) What makes it hard for us to trust God with our lives?
4) What can we do to overcome those hardships?

By Chris Willett | Springville, Utah

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