FIVE reasons to get “L.I.T.” 🔥 with us

We recently posted four reasons to apply to SFC’s new Leadership Development Program. In this post, we want to briefly expound upon those reasons – and give you one more! Here are FIVE reasons to apply for the Leadership Development Program (which we’re fondly referring to as the Leaders Intensive Training “L.I.T.”):

To get plugged into an intentional Christ-centered community:
We believe that it’s impossible to realize the fullest measures/riches of the Christian life apart from Christian community. This is because we simply cannot give ourselves everything that we need for the Christian life. We NEED other believers in our life – brothers/sisters who will walk alongside us, who will speak truth into our life, and who will challenge us to be more like Christ. In this program, you’ll be given several opportunities to plug in and experience Christian community – because nothing promotes growth quite like community.

To know God and His Word better:
God wrote a book. The most important book in the world. In it, God reveals to us who He is, who we are, and how we come into relation with Him. If we’re honest, though, the Bible is a book that many of us have difficulty navigating. We know that it’s important and that it deserves our attention, but we’re not completely sure how to read it and/or how to apply it. In this program, we will dedicate several months to an in-depth study of God’s Word and will explore topics such as: discipleship, evangelism, leadership/mentorship, apologetics, intercultural communication, and inductive Bible study. As we devote time to studying God’s Word, we will get to know God – and ourselves – better. Knowing God better will enhance our ministry and our impact to the world around us.

To get hands-on ministry experience:
It is not enough to know God better – we have been called to make Him known! If we have experienced the goodness of God’s grace in our lives, then we need to step up and live like it by reaching out. In this program, you will be given several opportunities to get plugged into the work that God is doing here in Colorado, and to put into practice the things that God has taught you in the “classroom.”

To experience what God is doing through ski/snowboard ministry:
God is doing an amazing work in the shred community, and for 20+ years, SFC has been blessed to be apart it. In this program, you’ll have an opportunity to hear from veteran SFC leaders, and to experience (firsthand) the way that they are building relationships and impacting people on the hill.

To grow in your understanding and practice of leadership:
True leadership is about sacrifice. It’s about dying to self (selfish interests/motives), so that others can flourish. Like Jesus, Christian leaders are men/women who lead by serving, not by being served. As we grow in our understanding of what it means to be a disciple (through our studies), we will quickly see that (spiritual) leadership is simply the outpouring of a heart/life surrendered to God and His mission. Our aim, through this program, is to help people become gospel-driven leaders by helping them realize their true leadership potential.

As SFC, we share this vision “to be the LIGHT of Jesus” in our dark culture, it’s fitting (and a little humorous) to say that we design this “Leadership Intensive Training” to get new SFC leaders “L.I.T.” together. We are praying that YOU would come and see how God can use your gifts to build up His body and light up your community!


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