Don’t Try to Go it Alone

Have you ever heard the stories about the guy that falls head first in a tree well and can’t get out and ends up dying there? What about the lady who hit tree by herself and nobody knew where she was for 2 days? It seems the easiest way to get yourself in serious trouble on the hill is by riding trees or back country alone. We’ve probably all done it a time or two and nothing went wrong but it’s not the best, or the safest way. It’s the same with a life of following Christ. Life is full of challenges to dodge left and right, and sometimes it’s faster, easier, or more fun to go charging on alone but sooner or later we all fall, make a wrong turn, or end up in a figurative chute with mandatory 50 ft. cliff drop and we’re going to need some help.

The best way to navigate life is with friends in Christ to support us, build us up, and lend a helping hand in a time of weakness. No one is too gnarly to need a buddy in the backcountry, or too had core to need accountability and support in life.

In the same way that we need a friend to lend a hand when you get stuck in a tree well; we need friends in Christ to lift us up when things in life aren’t going as planned. Often all it takes is an outside opinion to give you the spiritual lift or perspective you might need to make it through the day.


1) What was the scariest thing that has ever happened to you or a friend while you were riding?
2) Was there someone with you (or your friend)? How did someone being there (or not being there) change the situation?
3) Who are 3 people in your life that are important to keep close and lean on spiritually?

By Randy Schroeder | Denver, CO

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