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Go Tell it on the Mountain: Jindabyne

Written by Nick Sackman
on August 9, 2019 in Uncategorized


The second video in our series showcases ski and snowboard ministry in Australia. Jindabyne is a huge destination for shred in the Australian winter and a lot of Northern Hemisphere skiers and snowboarders make the journey down there as well. The season is going off right now and we ask you to take a minute to pray for safety on the hill, the loving proclamation of God’s truth and the genuine support of Christ-centered community for all of those involved.

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Go Tell it on the Mountain: Loon

Written by Nick Sackman
on August 7, 2019 in Uncategorized


I am grateful for yet another winter season and how the Lord worked through our SFC Chapter and our local church. Every week, our youth group met at the local rope tow and rode together after the Bible lesson. It wasn’t long before two kids, who I didn’t know that well at the beginning of the winter, wanted to ride with me each week. It led to us challenging each other to try new tricks, but more importantly, it led to opportunities to have spiritual conversations with them. It was rad talking with them about how the Spirit God gives us is not one of fear, but of power and love and self discipline. It was extremely practical truth to remember as we tried new tricks, jumps, and rails. In addition, ski breaks on the hill led to some awesome conversations and I saw a TON of growth in them, and other kids too, in their understanding of the Gospel and spiritual concepts.

Secondly, camp was rad. We could not have done it without the help of the local church. To me, this served as a good example of why SFC’s values include being connected with the local church. We aren’t called to be on mission alone, but as a family. Jesus never sent His disciples alone, but rather He sent them in at least pairs. It is so essential that we share our mission with our church family and get them involved. The chairlift and on hill chats are always super encouraging as well at camp. But, there was one thing that encouraged me the most. Our camp theme this year was “Identity.” One parent shared with me the last day how when her kids came home from camp the previous night, she had expected them to come home and talk about the trails they went on or tricks they learned. Instead, she shared with me, they talked about that night’s lesson, discussing with each other about what it means to put their identity in Christ. That makes all the work of planning a camp worth it for me, to know that kids are walking away challenged in their relationship with Christ. God is faithful.

Eunice Bartlett – SFC Loon – Lincoln, NH

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Leadership Development Program was LIT 🔥 in the First Year

Written by Ryan Leeds
on July 15, 2019 in Uncategorized

Ryan with Jon and Daniel. The 2018-19 LDP graduates.
Ryan with Jon and Daniel. The 2018-19 LDP graduates.

Well, it’s over. The first year of SFC’s Leadership Development Program has officially come to an end. It almost doesn’t seem real. A year ago, Lauren and I were still living in VA, and there was a ton of work that needed to be done. It almost seemed like an impossible task (move across the country, write 6-months worth of curriculum, get students to apply, organize monthly service opportunities, launch a brand new program, etc.). But it happened. God has been so incredibly faithful. In fact, this entire year has been a testament to his grace/provision. He made it work. He provided the students, the lessons, the service opportunities, and everything else we needed. I couldn’t be more thankful.

It was such a blessing to be able to work with Jon and Daniel this year. Both of these guys came into the program eager to learn/grow – and they definitely put in a ton of work. They grew so much during the program, and it has been such a blessing to watch them apply what they have learned (since the end of the program). God has some big things in store for these guys!

Testimonies from Jon and Daniel about the program.

Register now for the 19-20 season!

Why apply?

  • To get plugged into an awesome Christ-centered community with people who carry similar passions
  • To know God and His Word better
  • To get hands-on ministry experience
  • To experience what God is doing in ski/snowboard ministry
  • You’ll get to live and ride in Summit County, CO for an entire winter season!

Know someone that might be interested? Click below to share!

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Go Tell it on the Mountain: Snowflex

Written by Various Authors
on July 12, 2019 in Uncategorized

Taking Our Storytelling to New Heights

The SFC Support Office (the SFC Mothership) spends all of its resources (time, energy, finances, etc.) on supporting the groups and individual snowboarders and skiers around the world who are striving to BE THE LIGHT OF JESUS in the ski/snowboard culture. Our staff’s goal is to: Encourage, Equip and Exemplify Christ-centered ministry throughout the global SFC network.

And our latest initiative of encouragement within our network is TO BE BETTER STORYTELLERS TOGETHER. We have been working harder than ever on specifically 1. Collecting and 2. Sharing stories of what God has been doing in and through individuals and chapters across the SFC network.

Our prayer for YOU, personally, is that God Himself would be encouraging, challenging and inspiring you to BE THE LIGHT OF JESUS as you see these stories coming across your desk on a regular basis. May His Kingdom come!

This first story highlights the Next Level Camp at the Snowflex facility in Lynchburg, Virginia. The summer camp is happening as we speak, and we ask you to take a minute to pray for safety on the hill, the loving proclamation of God’s truth and the genuine support of Christ-centered community for all of those involved over the course of the two weeks of camp.

Watch how God is using fake snow to further His Kingdom

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Secret Spot Team Challenge

Written by Nick Sackman
on March 12, 2019 in Uncategorized

Secret Spot Team Challenge Raises Over $20k for Mental Health Programs

Copper Mountain, Colo – On February 23, 2019 over 20 teams took to the slopes at Copper Mountain Resort for the Secret Spot Team Challenge to raise awareness and funds for two mental health non-profits, Building Hope Summit County and My Quiet Cave. Each participant raised at least $100 individually, and each team consisted of two to six people. The Challenge raised a total of ​$24,273 ​that will go directly to the non-profits to serve the needs of mental health awareness and suicide prevention in Colorado.

Teams were given seven clues and a Copper Mountain Trail Map. Using the clues, teams determined where to find the “Secret Spots.” At each Spot, participants worked through a challenge to learn more about mental health and to receive tools to help others. The challenges all involved teamwork and encouraged communication on some of the more stigmatized topics surrounding mental health and suicide.

“My favorite part of the day was the community and the challenge to be more communicative with each other and the patience that goes along with that,” said participant Daniel Bernlohr. “And then the reward of finding a spot, and everyone gets stoked.”

One of the main themes of the event was “shredding the stigma” about mental health problems. “One day we should be able to talk about our mental health the way we talk about a knee replacement,” said Betsy Casey, Program Manager of Building Hope in her opening statements.

“With such a transient community it’s hard to find people to talk to,” commented Megan Lovely after the Challenge. “This is such a great opportunity to plug people into the right veins where they can express what’s going on.”

Through generous sponsors, teams were also able to win prizes, like a Never Summer Snowboard and Vans shoes and backpacks. Prizes were for the first team to complete the challenge, plus top fundraising teams and individuals.

Event organizer Nick Sackman said, “We are tremendously excited with how this event went in its inaugural year. With the overwhelming support from the community and awesome turnout we are looking forward to next year.” To learn more about the event visit ​​. Follow the event on Instagram (@secretspotchallenge) or sign up the mailing list (​​) for updates on the event in 2020.

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T.I.M.E. Travel Teams launching globally!

Written by Josh Stock
on January 23, 2018 in News


“What is T.I.M.E. Travel,” you ask?

“What does a T.I.M.E. Travel Team look like?”

Woah, easy there. Slow down with all the questions.

Where to start? Hmm, oh, I see. In the beginning… Wait! That’s been done before…

Years ago, God moved in the hearts of some snowboarders and skiers to BE THE LIGHT OF JESUS WITHIN THEIR SKI TOWN. They immediately saw positive effects from living selfless lifestyles within a selfish culture. They realized how monumental this sort of behavior could be when applied across the ski/snowboard culture in different towns just like theirs around the world. Before they even knew what happened, a beautifully extraordinary thing began to occur. As they prayed, there began to surface a number of people in different locations around the world who were also hearing this calling from the Creator of everything— God had begun to move, and these snowboarders and skiers began to visit one another to hear the stories of others and share their own stories. The process did two things: a) it VALIDATED GOD’S CALLING for each individual to BE THE LIGHT OF JESUS WITHIN THE SKI and SNOWBOARD CULTURE, and b) it gave an opportunity for God to ENCOURAGE everyone involved (those people traveling, those people being, visited and/or anyone within earshot of the post-travel stories of God’s handiwork).

Some of the people who had been traveling around, hearing and sharing these stories, thought, “We need to do more of this.” They did more traveling and listening and sharing until eventually they thought, “This can’t just be US doing this MORE OFTEN. It has to become MORE of us DOING this together.” The idea for the T.I.M.E. Travel Team was birthed out of necessity to:

TALK with other shred folk and church folk who share the calling to BE THE LIGHT OF JESUS WITHIN THE SKI and SNOWBOARD CULTURE,

INVEST into individuals and communities who have heard the calling and are acting upon it,

MENTOR those individuals in other communities as well as
fellow travelers on-the-go, and

ENCOURAGE people by listening to their stories and sharing personal stories of God’s goodness.


To train as a T.I.M.E. Traveler, follow this link for the CLASSIFIED document…but do so with great caution! This mission to Talk, Invest, Mentor & Encourage in shred towns across the world is NOT for the faint of heart.

*[This message will biodegrade in the next 4 decades]

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The Shreddable Nations Prayer Guide is fully operational!

Written by Josh Stock
on January 17, 2018 in News

During the 2015 SFC International Conference on the Dachstein glacier in Austria, it was so rainy and foggy that they closed the glacier for the duration of our conference. Our scheduled plans for spring-glacier-shredding were a bust. However, God’s plans to begin a prayer revolution were a GO!

We used our newly acquired time together to start praying. We gathered statistics from ski industry researchers for every skiable nation in the world. We then combined some of those SKI statistics with RELIGIOUS statistics we had gathered from world missions organizations focused on “missional prayer”.

These were the humble (and seemingly accidental) beginnings of The Shreddable Nations Prayer Guide: a combination of statistics on the SKI CLIMATE and SPIRITUAL CLIMATE of the world’s 70 “shreddable nations”.

Starting in 2018, we will launch a prayer effort for one country each week, because we believe in the power of prayer and in God’s heart for Jesus to be known in every nation of the world. We are praying to see God raise up HIS CHILDREN OF LIGHT at every ski area in every country with a ski/snowboard culture present.

Follow our weekly prayer postings on Instagram or Facebook.

Will YOU join us in praying that God would raise up His people to BE THE LIGHT OF JESUS IN THE SHRED CULTURE in every shreddable nation of the world? 

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Written by Josh Stock
on January 8, 2018 in News

This past August, we traveled to Christchurch, New Zealand. We gathered many of the founders and key leaders of the SFC movement to 1) Recognize them for their efforts, to facilitate them in 2) Remembering and 3) Retelling their stories together. We documented it all in order to 4) Relate their successes and failures to the current leaders of the worldwide SFC movement today (as well as for the leaders of future generations).

We are very proud of this monumental effort to preserve the past, solidify our history up to the present and maintain our course for the future of SFC! This film (the capturing, documenting and retelling of our founders’ stories) will serve as a Missional Anchor for SFC, so that future efforts won’t drift too far from those of the original founders. This is the retelling of the early development of the movement…according to the memories of the founders. These are their memories of twentyish years ago…in twenty-ish minutes.


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Meat Hondo

Written by Josh Stock
on December 30, 2016 in News

I’m Josh, but I want you to meet my good friend, Hondo Wynn, and let me quickly get to the POINT.

If you haven’t met Hondo yet, boy howdy, you’re missing out! He’s unique. Twisted even, but not real twisted, just kind of a friendly goofball… “twisted” more like a PRETZEL than a twizzler. You know?

Anyway, to keep a long story short, Hondo and I were first introduced via email and the intro went something to the tune of: “Hondo is some dude I know from Big Bear who is a full-time missionary in a place called Slovenia…it’s a country somewhere in EUROPE, I think.”

I finally got to MEAT with Hondo face-to-face when we landed with a crew of 6 snowboarding/skiing missionaries (who were in for quite the surprising whirlwind-four-day-tour of the ski resorts of Slovenia).

And when I say “tour” I don’t mean luxury stroll. I mean more like expedited-chain-gang-work-week! Haha, we pulled a non-stop “shovel-shred-teach-preach” schedule for four exhausting days. Haha, time with Hondo will (almost guaranteed) put you in a pickle of an uncomfortable spot or two. And of course I mean the “good for you” kind of UNCOMFORTABLE spots – like your grandfather’s endless chores that “help you build character.”

Hondo has “tenacity” and “drive” like I’ve seen in few individuals I’ve ever met. He’s also got a keen ability to relate and communicate to people from a myriad of BACKGROUNDS.

If one thing can be said for Hondo Wynn, it’s that he has a voracious appetite…for Balkan MEAT plates, yes of course…

But more so, Hondo has a voracious appetite for Kingdom Building, disciple-making and BRIDGE-building with shred kids. He’s particularly passionate in pushing into regions untrodden to bring the light of Jesus.

I have been one of the lucky ones to have witnessed Hondo’s enthusiasm, intentionality and PRAYERFUL passion and to have been inspired by it first hand.

I introduce you to Hondo for this reason, Hondo has just become the new:

Interim SFC Europe Coordinator” and that’s our fancy little title that means he’ll be the go-to-guy on the ground in Europe for current SFC leaders and potential new SFC communities. He’ll also be coordinating trips to VISIT chapters and fellow-shred missionaries around Europe.

He’ll essentially be wearing one or two of the HATS I have been trying to wear (and he’ll be doing it from within Europe instead of me doing it from across the pond) in visiting/encouraging/seeking to unite leaders across the Alps.

Despite being an American, Hondo has gained amazing credibility with the Euros over his last half dozen or so years of investing time, energy, prayer and other resources. We are calling him the “interim” because the plan is to find and train a future full-time European SFC Director over the next few years, and Hondo has the HEART and capacity to help lead this endeavor.

So, congratulate Hondo. Thank him for his commitment and dedication to BEING THE LIGHT OF JESUS IN THE SHRED CULTURE! Give him a virtual pat on the back. Take your photo with him. Follow him into a sketchy-looking TREELINE. He’s a Legend!

And if you have ideas, feel free to contact Hondo at his new email address: HWYNN@SFC.INTERNATIONAL and brainstorm together. The shred culture in Europe is the largest in the world. The need is great. We want to honor and appreciate all those pushing forward there with the Vision!

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The little SFC Van that couldn’t…

Written by Nick Sackman
on February 16, 2016 in Uncategorized


In 2014, SFC purchased a 15-passenger van from a Colorado-based shuttle company to help transport our leaders and staff to events, conferences, and gatherings all around the country. Since then, the van has hauled over 200 people nearly 40,000 miles. Those are story-filled miles of triumph, tears, frustration, bonding, and joy. In some ways, it’s only a van, but we can’t seem to explain how nothing brings people together and builds life-long friends like a good old fashioned road trip. “Abednego the White Stallion*” has been an invaluable ministry tool over the last couple of years.

This winter, on the journey home from the SFC North America Conference, our trusty van blew out its engine and left a crew of leaders stranded at a truck stop for hours. We were able to string some AAA tows together and get the newly immobile metal box home, but fiasco left us without wheels.

We’ve consulted the board, shopped around, considered all of our options and decided that the best way forward is to put a brand new engine in the van and get him back on the road for the rest of the season. The total cost will be $5,888.29.

Will you help get Abednego galloping again?

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