Canada joins together

Hi all! My name is Jer Postal and I am part of the team privileged to help lead SFC Canada here in the great white north. As our winter season is beginning to wind-down here in Whistler we can’t help but be thankful for the many opportunities & relationships God has set before us this winter as we seek to be light on the hill.

Last month in Revelstoke BC we gathered the Canadian SFC family (along with a few Yanks) to pray together, ride together, eat together, and inspire one another towards life + mission in our little mountain towns and resorts. We told stories, heard about the good things God is doing in different shred ministries around Canada, and went home with new friendships, great memories, and a little picture of what God might be up to here in Canada’s shred scene.

We also had the opportunity to raise some money & invest into a snowboard club out in the flatlands of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Roughly a 15-hour drive from the nearest mountain resort, a small group of young adults have made it their mission to introduce urban at-risk youth to snowboarding and to Jesus. For just $5/teenager, the Edge Snowboard Club takes local teenagers night boarding each Wednesday to the local hill of 400 vertical feet. They provide lift tickets, rentals, coaching/mentoring, travel, dinner, and of course a weekly presentation of the Gospel….it’s amazing to see how God uses our passions (like snowboarding) for his cause and his mission!

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