But I can’t do that, God

1 Corinthians 12:12, 13-25, 27

First of all, I’m not a great snowboarder. For that matter, I’m really kind of terrible!

Leaning on the side of being generous, I would say I’m maybe a 3.5 on the skill level scale of 10!

I can’t hit a box.

I can’t 50/50 a rail.

I can barely make it over rollers without catching an edge and almost bashing my face into the ice that is inevitably under the blown snow here at one of our East Coast resorts.

The thing is – none of that matters to Jesus. Jesus doesn’t look at my own perceived shortcomings. He knows I have ability and gifts that He has granted to me. I am able to talk openly with people I meet in the lodge. I have been gifted this wonderful desire to want to know people and meet new people.

I wondered when I started helping with SFC if this was really a place through which I could glorify Jesus with my own gifts, because I obviously do not have the gift of sliding sideways down a mountain gracefully. As seasons have progressed, I’ve found that He placed me here, not because I thought I could help but because HE knew I could.

I can email. I can run social media. I can plan and coordinate events. I can talk to strangers. Jesus knows our gifts and our strengths, even when we don’t. He knows that we are each, every one of us, a part of this body of SFC. He knew where I would fit and carved that place for me.



Have you found your place God carved out for you?
Are you willing to step into a new role, trusting that He will grant you all of the ability you need?
Maybe you have something new waiting just around the next turn for you!


By Alicia Rudnik | Johnstown, Pennsylvania

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