2017 North America Conference

Impacting The Future Join The Revolution – Brett Davis

Impacting The Future Join The Revolution


Mental Health – Brandon Appelhaus

Importance of Mental Health in the Shred Culture.


The Vision of SFC – Josh Stock and Randy Schroeder

Why are we called to this ministry in the shred culture


Who are Brett and Gill Davis – Randy Schroeder

Randy Schroeder interviews our keynote speakers Brett and Gill Davis


A Strategy to Fundraising – Nick Sackman

One man's strategy on fundraising and the story around it


Engaging with the Culture – Gill Davis

Engaging with the culture around you


Jesus and Shredding, you become what you worship – Brett Davis

Jesus and Shredding, you become what you worship



Disciple Making – Dan Thomas

Discovering the importance of focusing on making disciples.


Building up new leaders – Ryan Leeds

Building up new leaders and introducing the Leadership Development Program.


A Family on a Mission – Gill Davis

A story of a family working on mission.


2016 North America Conference


Welcome Session

Randy Schroeder welcomes us to the 2016 SFC North America Conference.


Chapter Updates

Updates from a few of our Chapters. Letting us know how the last season went and what they are looking forward to this season!


Mission and Vision of SFC – Josh Stock

Josh Stock shares the mission and vision of SFC.


Servants on the Slopes – Skip Schwarz

Skip talks about his most recent book, "Servants on the Slopes", and his history of ski resort ministry.


Talking to people with different worldviews – Geoff Wilson

Geoff talks about Global Warming and it's impact on the North East while giving some tips on how to talk to others with differing worldviews.


Teaching the Word of God – Dean Plumlee

Dean gives some practical examples on how to teach the Word of God.


Why he went from GM to Pastor – Bruce McCulley

Bruce shares his story on quitting his GM position and why he became a pastor.


Working with Ski Area Management – Marcus Corey

Marcus gives some insight on how to come along ski area and work with them while still achieving your goals.


Daily Devotional – Pam Morse

Pam shares the importance of filling our cup with Jesus Christ.


Fundraising – Earle Morse

Earle is a successful businessman and has helped raise funds for organizations. He shares the importance of leading by example and having a big vision for your calling.


Faithfulness and Consistency – Ryan Leeds

Faithfulness to the Gospel Message. Consistency in lives that reflect that the Gospel is of the utmost importance in our lives.


Obeying God’s will for you – Matt Jeglum

What's most practical might not be the exact will of God. Matt explains how to figure out God's will for our lives.


Explaining the Holy Spirit – Jared McCabe

At the conference Jared explained the Holy Spirit through questions and a visual display of chalk art.


Leading Teams – Don Chastain

Becoming better leaders by empowering others.


Story about ministry and business – Don Coverdale

Story about ministry and business


2015 North America Conference


Learn – Jer Postal

Jer Postal introduces us to what snowboard and ski ministry is.


Engage – Josh Stock

Josh teaches us how to engage correctly in the 3 parts of any ministry. The culture, the local church, and our faith.


Act – Jonny Nelson

Jonny explains how to put our passions into action.


Direct – Randy Schroeder

Once we have a something going in our communities we need to delegate to the others around us that are passionate as well.














2015 Snowflex Camp

Trust in God – Michael Anwar

Michael Anwar loves Jesus, loves people, and loves snowboarding. Get to know a little bit about his story and his challenges of having Cerebral Palsy. Click read more for a transcription of the talk.


2015 International Conference

Welcome – Josh Stock

Welcome to the 2015 SFC International Conference!


Being a Missionary – Valerie Stock

Valerie Stock gives us some tips on how to be a missionary from the view of a missionary's wife.


Cognitive Dissonance – Martin Buchsteiner

The state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioral decisions and attitude change. Martin helps us think through why this happens to us.


Naming Jesus in our Culture – Jeremy Postal

Jesus is the most important thing in our lives. We need to share Him with others and make Him known! Jeremy encourages us to do just this through a powerful story.


How to make an egg fly – Mark Hill

Mark wants to teach you how to make an egg fly!


Building Community – Randy Schroeder

We all need community. It helps us through the thick and the thin. How can you be committed to your community and help it grow?


Sensitivity to the Holy Spirit – Willy Wakelin

The Holy Spirit communicates with us in crazy ways! How do we know when it's talking or that voice is our own?


Love in the Shred Culture – Sarah and Esther

Esther and Sarah have a unending love and compassion for the people around them and they want to tell you how to put that to use.


Being the Bridge – Micha Stùˆcher

Micha, from SRS Team Extreme, is a great example of someone who is the bridge to his community. Hear how he does it.


Interpreting Scripture – Stefan Seeling

Stefan teaches us how to be in tune with the scripture even when we don't like what it says.


You and the Local Church – Mark Hill

Hear how and why you should be connected to a local church from the mouth of a pastor.