The little SFC Van that couldn’t…


In 2014, SFC purchased a 15-passenger van from a Colorado-based shuttle company to help transport our leaders and staff to events, conferences, and gatherings all around the country. Since then, the van has hauled over 200 people nearly 40,000 miles. Those are story-filled miles of triumph, tears, frustration, bonding, and joy. In some ways, it’s only a van, but we can’t seem to explain how nothing brings people together and builds life-long friends like a good old fashioned road trip. “Abednego the White Stallion*” has been an invaluable ministry tool over the last couple of years.

This winter, on the journey home from the SFC North America Conference, our trusty van blew out its engine and left a crew of leaders stranded at a truck stop for hours. We were able to string some AAA tows together and get the newly immobile metal box home, but fiasco left us without wheels.

We’ve consulted the board, shopped around, considered all of our options and decided that the best way forward is to put a brand new engine in the van and get him back on the road for the rest of the season. The total cost will be $5,888.29.

Will you help get Abednego galloping again?

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