Serving the Industry at SIA

Being at SIA for the first time, we had a ton of hope. There are so many geographic areas of the shred culture represented in one building; the possibility for God to use this event to impact people is obvious. A team fueled by coffee and doughnuts, prayer, and the Holy Spirit can do a lot of seeding, watering, and (hopefully) harvesting. So SFC, let’s keep this team going and serving!

SFC is excited to a part of the Christian fellowship from 7-8:30 each morning of the show. Thirty years ago, God started this SIA fellowship. We thank God for bringing that team together! The dedication those founders show is an amazing example to follow.

Yvonne’s Take – Sunday was an extra amazing day for me. We gathered at 7am for fellowship, worship, and prayer and asked God to lead our conversations and give us boldness. He has already won the battle, and we can walk forward in that strength and confidence! Filled up, I grabbed my box of donuts and went to offer donuts and prayer. God led me to both believers and non-believers alike.

As I walked around with a new believing friend I made that morning, I had three different conversations with vendors about how God made Sabbath for man, not man for Sabbath. We discussed the need to stop and recenter our lives weekly on the real purpose, seeing how our creator knew that we need this.

In a busy industry, it is easy to get caught up with non-stop work. One person told me he was divorced because he worked so much. Another told me that only after a child’s death, did he/she see the need to reject the temptation to over-busy oneself. It was so exciting to see how easy those conversations flowed. We pray that God continues to work.

Jake’s Take – God has designed in me the love of business and entrepreneurialism. The highlight of SIA for me was meeting and swapping stories and ideas with lots of small vendors with new products. There was everything from coffee roasters, to new ski/skate/board racks, to small space living, and some camper van creators. I am excited to go again next year to meet up those people and see how their products evolve and hopefully hear some success stories.

By Jake and Yvonne | Whitefish, MT

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