Join us in year 2 of the Leadership Development Program

Do you have a desire to grow in your relationship with God?

And to learn what it means to be a LIGHT in your shred community? Well, then, the SFC Leadership Development Program is for you! SFC’s Leadership Development Program is a 6-month residential program, based in Summit County, CO, that seeks to equip students with the tools they need to carry out their God-given calling to the shred culture.

Yes, 6 months is a long time (it’s a BIG commitment), BUT here are five reasons why we think YOU should sign up!

1. You’ll get plugged into an intentional Christ-centered community

We NEED other believers in our life – brothers/sisters who will walk alongside us, who will speak truth into our life, and who will challenge us to be more like Christ. In this program, you will be given several opportunities to plug into Christian community (intentional discipleship/mentorship relationships) – because nothing promotes growth quite like community.

2. You’ll get to know God and His Word better

God wrote a book. The most important book in the world. In it, God reveals to us who He is, who we are, and how we can have a relationship with Him. If we’re honest, though, the Bible is a book that many of us have a difficult time navigating. We know that it’s important and that it deserves our attention, but we’re not completely sure how to read it and/or how to apply it. In this program, we dedicate several months to an in-depth study of God’s Word and explore topics such as discipleship, evangelism, spiritual formation, leadership/mentorship, apologetics, and inductive Bible study. As we devote time to studying God’s Word, we will get to know God – and ourselves – better. Knowing God better will enhance our ministry and our impact on the world around us.

3. You’ll receive hands-on ministry experience

One of the greatest joys in the Christian life is our participation in the Great Commission – making Jesus known to the world around us! But if we’re honest, this is something that most of us have a hard time with. We struggle with our proclamation/declaration of the gospel because we’re scared of how people will react. One of our primary goals in this program is to help move you past this fear to a place of joyful proclamation. So we give you plenty of opportunities to do just that – to joyfully proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ to the skiers/snowboarders around you.

4. You’ll get to experience what God is doing through ski/snowboard ministry

God is doing amazing work in the shred community, and for almost 25 years, SFC has been blessed to be apart of it. In this program, you’ll have an opportunity to hear from veteran SFC leaders, and to experience firsthand the way that they are building relationships and impacting people on the hill.

5. You will grow in your understanding and practice of leadership

True leadership is about sacrifice. It’s about dying to self (selfish interests/motives) so that others can flourish. Like Jesus, Christian leaders are men/women who lead by serving, not by being served. As we grow in our understanding of what it means to be a disciple (through our studies), we will quickly see that spiritual leadership is simply the outpouring of a heart/life surrendered to God and His mission. Our aim, through this program, is to help students become gospel-driven leaders by giving them opportunities to serve the ski/snowboard community well.

Would you consider joining us this winter season – October 14th to April 17th? Our (SFC’s) desire/prayer is that God would continue to raise up leaders who have a heart for this culture – who will be the BRIDGE that connects the ski/snowboard culture to Jesus. We are praying that you would come and see how God can use your gifts to build up His body within this culture.

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