Finding Mentors

“Get all the direction and advice you can, so you will be wise the rest of your life.” Proverbs 19:20

Growing up, I wish I knew the importance of a mentor. Perhaps it was pride, selfishness, or arrogance, but I thought I could do it better on my own. I realize now the trouble, grief and heartbreak I could have prevented if I had someone to help guide and direct me towards a greater purpose.

As a kid, I used to look up to my family, brother, and youth pastor to influence me and my decisions. But when I was out on my own, I quickly forgot about church, Christian community, and God. All I wanted to do was snowboard. It dominated my life and became my sole focus. But when injuries and situations took that from me, I didn’t know what to do with my life. I blindly pursued worldly expectations instead, thinking my way of doing things was better than what God’s or anyone else’s. After running from God for years, I hit rock bottom. The friends that I thought cared about me were no longer there. I felt so alone, but that was when I found the need for Jesus. I didn’t want to do anything with God, but day by day he put people in my life who loved Jesus and made me felt supported and loved. I wanted what these people had. They didn’t judge me; they just loved me for who I was. I desired to find the love that only Jesus can give us because of them.

At first, I didn’t actively seek out wisdom or advice from others because I didn’t see the importance of advisors and good influences are in my life. It was all in God’s perfect timing that He brought specific people that would help guide me and journey alongside me in my faith. As we grew closer and I saw my need for growth, I sought these people for their wisdom and experience. All people, Christians and non-Christians alike, need people in our lives that help guide us along the right path and deepen our zeal for Christ. We must actively pursue this relationship and nourish it.


With who are you surrounding yourself? Is your center of influence bringing you closer or further away to Jesus?

If you have a mentor, are you actively seeking his/her wisdom and advice? Is there anything you can do to put more effort into meeting with him/her more regularly?

If you don’t have a mentor, think of people you respect from your church or Christian community. Who in your life deepens your faith and longing for Jesus? Pray for the courage to ask one of those people to go out for coffee or lunch with you.


By Taylor Brant | Denver, Colorado

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